Jackson Eilers

I am currently working as an Analyst at Krebs Stamos Group. I received an M.S. in Computational Social Science, a B.S.H. in Mathematical and Computational Science, and a Minor in Creative Writing at Stanford University.

Feel free to reach out to me via socials or jacksongeilers (at) gmail.com.

More about me

I am passionate about the future of digital safety, governance, and the impact emerging technologies have on society. Specifically, I am currently learning and working in the realms of cybersecurity, geopolitics, trust & safety, technology policy, artificial intelligence, and open source intelligence. My interests also include leveraging technology to combat climate change, make education more equitable, and inform 21st century policies at all levels of government.

In the past I have helped contribute to a report on misinformation campaigns surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election with the Election Integrity Partnership at the Stanford Internet Observatory, worked at Smart Parks, a technology conservation startup, and co-founded a civic technology startup to connect citizens to their elected representatives.

I enjoy spending time outdoors (especially in Minnesota's boundary waters where I've spent many a summer), rock climbing, running, and playing causal soccer. I am an amatuer video editor and will always take a book recommendation. If you have any good ones, send them my way!